Black Lives Matter

Episode 83 · June 8th, 2020 · 56 secs

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Black Lives Matter. Black Stories Matter. Share them. Say their names. Don’t let them be silenced.


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  • Code Switch Podcast: hosted by journalists of color, the podcast tackles the subject of race head-on.
  • Deadline City Podcast: hosted by authors Dhonielle Clayton & Zoraida Cordova who talk about the publishing industry and their writing journeys.
  • First Draft Podcast’s interview with Jason Reynolds, discusses his book LOOK BOTH WAYS, his childhood growing up in DC, his writing career, and more.
  • The Stacks Podcast interview with R. Eric Thomas, author of HERE FOR IT, a collection of humorous and thoughtful essays centering around his identities of Black, Christian, Gay, and American.
  • The Reading Women’s interview with Kiley Reid, author of SUCH A FUN AGE.

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Tara’s Book Rec
Sister Outsider - on Goodreads and Bookshop
Audre Lourde is a legend. When I read Sister Outsider for the first time a few years ago I felt empowered, I felt rage, I felt sickened - I cried a number of times. Ultimately, it’s a plea for hope and change.
Why I picked it? A stunning number of my friends on Goodreads have not read this book. It’s older, but I think it’s just as important now as when it was published.

Meredith’s Book Rec
Dear Martin on Goodreads and Bookshop
This book might be short, but its impact is huge as it tackles racial discrimination, police brutality, and the inequality in the American school system.
Why I picked it?
This is one of those books that sticks with you. I ugly cried during portions of it, but was still left with hope at the end. It’s also a great time to read it because Nic Stone is publishing a sequel called DEAR JUSTYCE in September 2020 that deals with the very real issues facing Black boys and other minorities in the American justice system.

Jeannette’s Book Rec
All American Boys on
Goodreads and

Told from the two perspectives of Rashad and Quinn, this book explores the idea of police brutality and the trauma and impact it has on the victim and their community, but it also shows a white teen dealing with his privilege and what his responsibility is as someone who knows the truth behind the incident.

Why I picked it?
This book is so powerful in the way it handles real issues of discrimination and privilege. It made me think, it made me cry, and it has never really left me.

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