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Eclectic Readathon

Eclectic Readathon

The 24-hour Eclectic Readathon will be back in June 2020!

A Little Background on the Eclectic Readathon

In December 2015, our IRL Eclectic Readers Book Club started a 24-hour Readathon. Only a handful of people participated, but it was so much fun we decided to have another one 6 months later (June 2016) which is also our anniversary! This is when we decided to open it up to podcast listeners and the internet community. Now we plan on doing a 24-hour Readathon every June in honor of the Eclectic Readers being a year wiser.

Sounds like heaven? We think so, too.

But that’s not all! Along with encouraging you to read to your heart’s content, we provide games!

Here are the Rules

  1. Read as much as you can in the way of books. You can read audiobooks, ebooks, print books. Adult, children’s, YA, doesn’t matter. They do have to be books, though. Magazines, newspapers, fanfic are beautiful and beloved by us all, but making it about books evens out the playing field of challenges for everyone.

  2. Track the amount of time you’re reading. (Use your phone's stopwatch app. This will be important later.)

  3. Check in with us! On our Goodreads page, we’ll have a thread to follow. Every 2 hours, there will be another check-in question. Can you catch up later if you miss one? Of course!

  4. Scavenger hunt! We'll provide a list of challenges. Some will be things to look for in your books: a character with a disability, a character celebrating a birthday. Some will be things you can do to earn points: read aloud to someone, exercise while reading. We try to keep you guessing, so you won’t find out the full list until the evening of the Readathon.

Try for prizes!

  1. We award prizes based on:

    a. The most time read (see, I told you!)

    b. Number of points earned from checking in (two points per check-in) and the scavenger hunt (each challenge is assigned a point value, roughly associated with its difficulty).

  2. You can participate on the social media platform of your choice (Twitter, Instagram, Litsy) by using #EclecticReadathon BUT if you want to be in the running for the awesome prizes you must post your scavenger hunt points, check-in answers, and total hours read on our Goodreads page's Readathon thread.

  3. After the Readathon is over, you'll need to take a screenshot of your stopwatch app to show how many hours you read. Since you won't be able to post that image straight into the Goodreads thread, post the image via Twitter, Instagram, or Litsy first and share it by copying the post's link into the Goodreads thread. (If you're participating strictly on Goodreads, let us know- we'll figure something out!)

  4. All final check-ins, points, and your total hours read must be posted to our Goodreads Readathon thread by 9:00pm EST on Saturday, June 29th in order to qualify for the prizes.

  5. The prizes for the most points earned and most hours read will be one (1) Eclectic Readers Podcast book pick of your choice! (Check out our podcast episode titles to see which books qualify.) The prizes will be for U.S. PARTICIPANTS ONLY. Sorry to our international participants, but we've had issues getting prizes to international winners in the past, so we don't want to promise something we can't deliver.

  6. Also, if more than one person reads the same amount of time or ends up with the same amount of points their names will be entered into a drawing for the prize.

Visit our Eclectic Readers Goodreads page closer to the Readathon for updates and the thread for the Readathon! We hope you'll join us!