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Episode Archive

81 episodes of Eclectic Readers since the first episode, which aired on June 13th, 2015.

  • Episode 33: Girl Waits With Gun: Future Historical Fiction

    March 15th, 2017  |  1 hr 6 mins
    amy stewart, girl waits with gun, historical fiction

    Susan, Meredith, and Jeannette discuss historical fiction: what is it, what isn’t it, and do we like it? Then we dig into Amy Stewart’s novel Girl Waits with Gun, and the complicated relationship between sisters, mothers and daughters, and women, sheriffs, and Singer salesmen.

  • Episode 32: Interview With Tara Clancy

    March 1st, 2017  |  37 mins 58 secs
    feminism, interview, lgbt, memoir, new york, nyc, queens

    Susan and Meredith interview the amazing Tara Clancy, author of The Clancys of Queens. We talk about her reasons to writing her memoirs of growing up and how became the woman she is today.

  • Episode 31: Blood at the Root: Not for the Faint of Heart

    February 28th, 2017  |  1 hr 34 mins

    In this episode we welcome a new guest host and book blogger: Stacie! We talk about some exciting podcast news, like our new website and upcoming author interview, and then we discuss some of our favorite POC (Person of Color) literary characters and this tough but important read: Blood at the Root.

  • Episode 30: Men Explain Things to Me: We’re So Witty

    January 15th, 2017  |  1 hr 11 mins

    Susan, Tara, and Meredith start off the new year with their read-olutions and goals for 2017. A small update on our ER MadLibs Challenge and then we dive into Men Explain Things to Me. We talk about how Rebecca Solnit addresses hard and upsetting issues that women experience through 9 essays.

  • Episode 29: Eclectic Readers Special: Interview with Valentine DeLandro

    January 9th, 2017  |  39 mins 58 secs

    In our last interview from Book Riot Live, Meredith and Tara speak with illustrator, Valentine Delandro.

  • Episode 28: Eclectic Readers Special: Interview with Ken Liu

    January 5th, 2017  |  49 mins 27 secs

    Next up in our Book Riot Live author interview, Meredith and Tara speak with author, Ken Liu. He has written The Grace of Kings and translated The Three-Body Problem.

  • Episode 27: Eclectic Readers Special: Interview with Charlie Jane Anders

    January 3rd, 2017  |  37 mins 25 secs

    Meredith and Tara were at Book Riot Live! They had a chance to interview 3 authors. This episode is with Charlie Jane Anders author of All the Birds in the Sky.

  • Episode 26: Zodiac: In Michelle Obama’s Arms We Trust

    December 15th, 2016  |  1 hr 14 mins

    Meredith, Susan, Tara, and Jeannette have some announcements - some sad, some happy - including a NEW reading challenge for the new year! We also wrap up 2016 with favorite topics, topics we missed, and which Eclectic Readers books we loved most this year. And the stars align for our last book of the year, Romina Russell's Zodiac.

  • Episode 25: Blankets: You're a Middle Child, so You Get a Pass

    November 15th, 2016  |  1 hr 13 mins

    Susan, Tara, and Meredith talk about their favorite graphic novels and discuss the graphic novel/memoir 'Blankets' while reminiscing over their own childhood memories.

  • Episode 24: Station Eleven: And They Go Shwarma

    October 15th, 2016  |  1 hr 36 secs

    We talk about our favorite Shakespeare play, moments and versions. Then we go forwards into the near future where the world is ending. Who did we relate to the most? We all want to be in the Travelling Symphony.

  • Episode 23: Eclectic Readers Special: Interview with Jenn Northington

    September 30th, 2016  |  37 mins 32 secs

    Jenn Northington, the Director of Events and Programming at Book Riot New Media Group and host on Book Riot's Get Booked Podcast, is here to talk all things books, Book Riot, and Book Riot Live!

  • Episode 22: The Bees: I Hope There is a Bee Heaven

    September 15th, 2016  |  1 hr 10 mins

    What are your #BookConfessions? Susan, Jeannette, and Meredith divulge some of theirs and are buzzing with thoughts for the discussion of Laline Paull's 'The Bees.'

  • Episode 21: Eclectic Readers Special: Interview with JD Lakey

    August 31st, 2016  |  35 mins 45 secs

    We interview JD Lakey, author of the Black Bead Chronicles. We delve deep into the world and find out it is made up of more than psychics, the importance of their matriarchal society and a whole lot more. We also discuss her unusual inspiration to help her write.

  • Episode 20: The Name of the Wind: We Tell Him What We Want, What We Really Really Want

    August 15th, 2016  |  1 hr 22 mins

    Susan is super excited about new kids’ books, while we prescribe reading with a singalong to help Tara resist a reading slump. We weigh binge-reading versus serialized reading, and find out that Mere might just become a serial reader. On the other hand, Jeannette just wants to binge read all the series. All of them. We then discuss at length Patrick Rothfuss’s lengthy 'The Name of the Wind,' and kindly request more answers and more 'Spice' in Kvothe’s life.

  • Episode 19: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: We’re Going Back to Hogwarts!

    July 31st, 2016  |  1 hr 6 mins

    Tara and Meredith fly across the pond to see Harry Potter and The Cursed Child at the Palace Theatre and are back to give us their reactions and all the Cursed Child information you could want. We fangirl out about all of the cool things we saw and experienced during the play, get Molly and Ginny confused (sorry Ginny), and while the first few minutes are general reactions, we do delve into the plot in the episode, so, be forewarned: SPOILERS AHEAD!

  • Episode 18: Annihilation: Are You Feeling a Brightening?

    July 15th, 2016  |  1 hr 3 mins

    Jeannette is nesting, Tara isn't sure what city she is in, and Susan is spreading her spores - Area X style! We discuss the books we felt peer pressured into reading, ask the question 'What is it?' (a lot), and try to fill in the blanks that Annihilation leaves in its wake. Join us as we chat about this sci-fi thriller mystery and try to discern the truth of Area X.